About Josh

Josh Zehtabchi has been developing websites and coding since 1999.  He has started and operated several small sized businesses including V2interactive and BounceSEO.  Josh is also a member of Mixed Digital media group where he is the SEO director.

mixeddigital transparent backBounceSEO is a strategic partner of V2interactive (founded in August, 2007), ran and operated by Josh Zehtabchi. BounceSEO is ran solely by Josh and thus, all work is done by Josh (as an SEO consultant) with no outsourcing of work, period. BounceSEO was founded in December, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia as a resource for small to mid sizes business for their SEO, Social Media and general Marketing needs. BounceSEO has served over 100 clients both in the metro-Atlanta area and internationally. With clients from Atlanta, GA to the United Kingdom, there is no client who cannot benefit from BounceSEO's advanced and strategic SEO tactics and methods.

Professional SEO Consultant & Web Developer

Josh Zehtabchi is a professional web developer and SEO by trade. Josh graduated with a computer science degree and has been a web developer for over 10 years and a professional SEO for over 5 years. With clients that range from: FEMA, Pepsi Bottling Company, Motorola, The Atlanta Symphony and VMX Technologies, Josh's SEO skills are widely ranged in many niche industries.

Ethical, Trusted and White-Hat SEO Approach

v2interactiveJosh runs V2interactive with low overhead and with the ability to run, manage and provide customer service to clients, there are little costs behind the SEO which not only increases the customer relation, but also cuts costs down by a fraction compared to an SEO firm or agency. Throughout the history of Josh's SEO, he has never been penalized by Google/Bing nor has had a client site banned from any search engines. Josh practices the most ethical, trusted and steady SEO methods to produce a steady and dependable change in traffic and rankings. Moreover, all links and work done are permanent. There are never purchased or rented links associated with any SEO plan. In addition, once a contract or project is over, the results and work will stay with the client. Unlike some very popular firms, we do not remove links once a project is terminated. This is not only is this a flat out waste of time and resources, but it's point blank unethical.

Offical Moderator on Joomla SEO Forums & SEOChat Forums

seochatJosh is an active moderator of SEOChat, one of the top forums on the Internet for SEO professionals. He currently ranks 6th place in reputation points and posts over the entire forum of over 300,000 members (with the shortest period of being a member - only 3 years). In addition, Josh is a well respected moderator of the Joomla SEO forums as well. Providing help, guidance and assistance for other users of the Joomla CMS interface, it's Josh's pleasure to help those new to the industry and those helping to expand their knowledge base from experienced and trusted members.

Consulting & Freelance History

It all started in late 2000 with the launch of a revolutionary comprehensive computer review website database named ReviewSource. ReviewSource was an overnight hit, growing in popularity and creditability. The objection of our company was to bring our readers the most reliable and unbiased reviews. With much successes, ReviewSource attracted sponsors such as: Vantec, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Intel, Asus, Thermaltake, PNY and Monarch Computer Systems.

Within our first year of operation we had over 100 sponsors, 1,000 reviews, 5,500 articles and a forum community of over 10,000 active members. Our daily web page requests were averaged over 24 months of 11,400 unique visitors per day. With ReviewSource becoming the industry’s standard in quality and quantity by 2002, we were approached with a business offer. The offer came from one of our own sponsors, Georgia’s number one computer reseller; Monarch Computer Systems.

With working with Monarch Computer Systems, Josh Zehtabchi decided it was time to peruse a new path with a new project. After learning the principals of entrepreneurship at Monarch and learning principals in customer services, Josh felt it was time to open a new business up to serve a specific population. The principal of this business was very simple; to serve a small business, on a small budget. This became part of the V2interactive – a small business, designed for small businesses.

There is one thing everybody can agree on – saving money is a great thing! Usually, when you cut expenses you may risk cutting quality. This was not to be the scene at V2interactive. To date, our company profile is at over 100+ happy clients with work growing everyday. The most important thing that sets V2interactive apart from other online solution is simple. We meet with our clients at their convenience and we never charge an initial consulting fee.

Previous Work Experience


Owner & Operator (2007 -)

Atlanta web design and development solution known for fashionable, functional and interactive websites. CMS's - Welcomed! WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more. HTML / PHP / CSS / MySQL.Customized designs and template based websites also available.

Mixed Digital, LLC

Director, Search Engine Optimization (2011 -)

Manage multiple SEO accounts ensuring both high rankings in Google and positive conversions. SEO includes both on-page and off-page SEO; Link Building and PageRank Building. In addition, Mixed Digital also provides PPC, SEM, and interactive marketing solutions.

Systematic Controls Corporation

Director, Information Technology & Marketing (2009 - 2017)

Head of leading industrial manufacturer's I.T. and Web Department. Manage company website and Valtorc Valves eCommerce store, in addition to brochure design, email marketing, social media administration and analytical tracking.

Safe America Foundation

Jr. Director, Information Technology (2006 - 2009) 

Managed over a dozen websites and micro-sites, including SafeAmerica.org.  Jr. I.T. Support for over three years.  Provided help-desk IT support, web maintenance and mechanical/technical driving simulator support for various machines used for driving lessons.

Monarch Computer Systems

Webmaster (2003 - 2006)

Managed multi-million dollar, industry leading computer distributor and reseller.  Managed company website, updating products and created dynamic ecommerce products and experiences.  I personally reviewed, wrote and published over 100 computer hardware based reviews ranging from 5-15 pages in length and detail.