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What to Expect From Your SEO Company or Consultant

What is about SEO marketing that makes it so powerful that online businesses all over seem to make such a big deal out of it? If you own one yourself, you may have heard and read about countless suggestions to try SEO marketing and just how effective it is. Well, it goes without saying that SEO marketing is just as important as having a "Open" sign on your business.  Here's why...

The Internet is actually a living network that changes everyday. Every online business needs to stay on top of everything and be SEO consulting companies have to tread a fine line to compromise their client expectations with the best possible service. As a client, you have to remember that in terms of SEO, there are things that are impossible to do. Part of the responsibility of a good SEO consulting service is to explain to you the basic expectations that are possible, so you can modify your expectations accordingly.  A SEO company that is fully transparent is a sign of trust and loyalty.  Avoid any company that refuses to explain their SEO or link building methods.  A poor link building project can ruin a website's rankings - just look at Google's Penguin Update with the Unnatural Links messages being sent out on a daily basis.

Know that SEO consulting companies have many strategies of implementing search engine optimization. If you make impossible demands such as getting your site in the top 10 search results in a matter of days or weeks and would like the SEO company to make it happen at all costs, you may force them to resort to means which are "inappropriate." This can lead you to get your site de-listed from search engines. Thus, make sure that you demand realistic expectations. Keep in mind that SEO consulting can help you increase your search engine rankings, but they can only do so much. Search engines are quite complicated, and working to please them is not that easy to do, especially with such drastic changes to Google's search engine formula.

What should you expect from an Atlanta based SEO consulting firm?

  1. The SEO consulting company should develop a list of suggested keywords for your site, using information that they have researched as to the most common queries performed by surfers. They will work beyond the keywords that you have provided since they might not be the ones used most.
  2. Your SEO consulting firm must make the necessary adjustments to the titles and Meta tags on your pages based on the keyword list. They should also target the right pages to be optimized for specific terms.
  3. They must perform a general site analysis and optimize all your HTML elements with the use of keywords to add more relevance to your pages.
  4. Part of the SEO consulting service is to track down the status of your site on major search engines. They have to check whether all the pages of your site were indexed. This is also part of your Search Engine Report on Keyword Positions.
  5. SEO consulting services should include a method to properly build links and raise your websites overall trust factor and authority with Google.
  6. Proper SEO consulting involves continuous flow of suggestions for new content that can be readily optimized to emphasize the most important terms included in your keyword list. Your SEO consulting firm must work hand in hand with you in a long term basis.
  7. Some pages or even your entire site must be redesigned at some point to make sure your site relevance is maximized. Your SEO consulting company must suggest ways to come up with a web design that is search engine friendly.
  8. A reliable SEO consulting company will open-handedly provide you with a list of prospective sites which you can get links that best suits your site. Note that getting links from good sites is very important in raising the relevancy of your site, especially on search engines which use link analysis to determine site ranking.

It is obvious from the list that what you should expect from your SEO consulting firm is a well planned, thorough and effective implementation of your search engine marketing campaign. In time, a SEO consulting services should result to the proper indexing of your website by all the search engines. You should expect your SEO consulting company to give your site relevant and trusting links from other websites which will contribute to the relevancy of your site. Note that SEO consulting is not only limited to fixing meta tags, HTML design, content optimization, and link building, but it involves all other factors that will give more targeted traffic into your site. With good SEO consulting service, you can watch your site find its way to the top of search engine rankings with the proper amount of time.